"There's so much about to love about Little Bar. It's a place that feels familiar, like a well-worn Boston institution." LA Weekly

"One of LA's iconic bars."

"You'll probably feel at home at this neighborhood bar, even if it's not in your neighborhood: it's a real antidote to the high-end drinking and carousing scene just north in Hollywood. The hospitality even extends to the provision of menus covering an assortment of local food-delivery spots." Time Out LA

"Voted ‘Miracle Mile’s Favorite Neighborhood Bar’ Little Bar is Mid-Wilshire’s go-to dive bar. It boasts ‘Great Service, Killer Jukebox, and Friendly Local Crowd’ and has everything a visitor could want from a laid-back bar. " Culture Trip

“This bar gave the neighborhood a place for people to hang out. It helped foster a tight group of friends that are still friends 10 years later.” Larchmont Chronicle

"Best Darts, August 2012. Flinging winged projectiles at a round board is a sport best practiced at Little Bar." Los Angeles Magazine